.Gel Silicone Scar Strips – Reusable Post Surgery Scar Care



Silicone Gel Scar Strips Reusable

Reduce, soften, Flatten and Fade Scars post pregnancy / post surgery

Silicone gel scar strips are the go-to product by surgeons for over 30 years and are still considered the gold standard in wound healing today.

How do they help?

Silicone scar strips are clinically proven to keep the scar naturally moisturized during the healing process which helps prevent Keloid and Hypertrophic scarring.

Use for any new incisions following surgery and for problematic old wounds including burns and stretch marks.

Box Contents:

  • 3 x 15x3cm Strips, (Cesarean strip / C-Section  )
  • High-grade medical Silicone
  • Self-Adhesive*, reusable and washable strips
  • Ultra-thin and flexible for comfort
  • Easier cover-up and soft to touch
  • Non-toxic and Latex-free
  • 4+ months supply in each box

* If the self-adhesiveness of the silicone strip is not sufficient please use medical tape to help keep it in place.