Natural Skin Brush – Stimulates Through Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy



Many mums-to-be enjoy dry skin brushing in pregnancy, some believe it helps reduce stretch marks and provides a boost of energy.

Other benefits such as keeping the skin healthy and can play an important role in the healing process of wounds.

Why not add a dry skin brush to your self-care routine.

Use a brush with natural bristles that can fit comfortably into the hand, and remember to always brush towards the heart.

✚  Skin Brushing Benefits :

  • Exfoliating and brush away dead skin cells
  • Increasing the flow of blood which accelerates healing and tightens & firms skin
  • Stimulates and boosts the lymphatic system
  • Stimulates the hormone and oil glands
  • Stimulates the nerve endings in the skin promotes healing and can boast to energy levels
  • Eliminate ingrown hairs that can be problematic in scar healing
  • Reduces stretch marks and cellulite