.Perineal Tears & Wound Care Ice and Heat Pack Post Pregnancy



Perineal Tears & Wound Care Warm and Cool Pads 

Post Pregnancy Care Ice / Heat Pack

Naturally, one of the areas after childbirth to cause women discomfort is the perineum, which is no surprise after all you are pushing out a baby.

As the perineal area can be stretched, swollen and painful for a few days after birth, even longer if you require a stitch or two.

New mothers are recommended to use Ice and heat therapy to be an effective natural solution to healing.

Perineal tears re-useable hot and cold gel pads have been designed to pop into underwear making it easier for new mothers to reduce swelling and provide some pain relief area to the perineal area following childbirth.

Perineal Gel pads – are definitely one self-care maternity item to pop into your maternity bag.

  • 2x Warm and Cold Gel Pads
  • 1x Reusable Outer Covers
  • 5x Disposable Covers
  • BPA FREE and Non-Toxic